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Fricmart, a manufacturer and supplier of reputed in the sphere of friction materials, was established to meet the demand of high-end and high performance friction materials for automobile industry. With over 25 years of experience and overseas training in this business sphere, we have now reached the acme of success in international quality friction material manufacturing and supplying. Our main focus area in friction materials is asbestos-free mix compound, raw materials, additives, bonding adhesives, anti noise coating, release agents, test equipments/turnkey projects for brake linings/brake pads/brake shoes and brake blocks for railways.

Friction Material Expertise
We have latest concepts in asbestos-free production/process techniques and integrated manufacturing system. Our proficiency for brake pads/brake linings/brake shoes is a 4th generation asbestos-free concept based on our past association/training in friction material groups like ABEX CORPN-USA, JAPAN BRAKES, FERODO-UK, TIGRIL-GERMANY, EBRA–CANADA.

Needless to mention, that the quality of friction products from our technology and service will exceed any international standards for OEMs. We supply "ready to mold” mix in asbestos-free premium grades, low end market grade for linings/pads in proven formulation in competitive cost for American/Japanese/Korean and other imported cars, taxis, pick ups, buses, trucks and trailers.

Our “Performance Additives” are proven for various type of pads/linings with different steel content (low/medium/high steel) and Organic (NAO), Non- metallic (NANM)/CERAMIC formulations. These additives are tailor-made to be used at the level of 5 - 7 % in the final mix to enhance `NVH’ & `E’ ratings.

Product Range
Our extensive line of international quality friction materials is manufactured as per the automobile industry demand. We are a great friction materials company and our focus areas are - Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Brake Blocks and Brake Linings.

We have been a regular supplier of friction materials to reputed Indian/overseas friction material manufacturers spread in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, East Africa and East Asian countries.


Some of the factors, which gives us a competitive edge over the other market players are-
• Premium quality products
• Latest Techniques & technology with ultra modern facilities under strictly maintained metallurgical, physical & geometrical standards
• Workshops equipped with latest Conventional machines & Conventional machines
• Inspection and Testing shops to check all dimensions and other required which does matter, with latest testing equipment
• Competitive Prices

Supplying goods of highest quality has always been the top most priority for us. Based on international standards, our quality systems ensure that our products fully comply with the standards and customer specifications. Having vast experience in this industry, we are not merely a quality-oriented supplier but also an on-time delivery partner as we meet the strictest delivery schedules.

We have our own state-of-the-art-testing facility to evaluate raw materials and products for physical, chemical, mechanical, thermo-mechanical properties and friction testing using, FAST, GIRLING RIG CHASE, KRAUSS & DYNO.

At Fricmart, all products manufactured and supplied are made to OEM quality and in ISO certified facilities. Furthermore each and every shipment is fully inspected by our trained staff to ensure that only quality products leave from our premises.

Indian Friction's all products supplied by us are made to OEM quality and in ISO certified facilities. Further more each & every shipment is fully inspected by our trained staff to ensure that only quality products leave from our premises.

Being a quality driven firm, we are committed to stringent quality standards. Our highly qualified manpower thrives on meeting the challenges and demands of export and after-market customers. We ensure prompt and accurate order placement to all our customers.

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